Do your customers love you?

Or, more to the point, do you love your customers?

This is the secret to effective marketing: Bonding. You can employ all the latest technologies to hit, contact, reach, assail, wheedle, and accost your target market, but if there’s no love, there’s no sale. In fact, the very irony of the term “target market” itself says so much about your relationship with your customers. You don’t target people you love, you bond with them, in a human way. And if you don’t love them, they can tell. They won’t love you back.

This is what PURA Marketing does. We help you get through to what it is that your customers love about you. We help your customers realize why they love doing business with you. And the bond that’s formed is stronger than any force on earth. We call it “The PURA Effect™”.

Find out more about how PURA can help you get your customers to love you. Call us at (503) 583-2570 or email us today to schedule a Marketing Scrub™, or to find out more about what one can do for your organization.

Who loves you?