Cathey ArmillasCathey Armillas
Non-Traditional Marketing Strategist

When companies need to reach people in unique ways, they call on Cathey Armillas. She has been notorious for creating wildly successful marketing strategies. She runs PURA Marketing and is the author of the book The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 ½ Ways to Get People to Love You.

Cathey’s use of the Unbreakable Rules of Marketing has helped reach millions of people and quadrupled her clients’ sales. In one example, she created a viral marketing campaign for a client by shredding items such as soccer balls, torpedoes, even a Volkswagen, and posting videos of them online. It landed the client on the David Letterman Show, CNN, CNBC, the Discovery Channel and many other national TV shows; as well as netting them $25 million dollars in additional revenue in the first year it ran.

Cathey’s mission is to teach people the unbreakable rules of marketing so they can use them in their efforts to get people to love them, and love what they do.

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Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry
Brand Marketing Strategist

Jeff has more than thirty years’ experience developing award-winning and, more to the point, revenue-winning advertising campaigns for everything from Death Star sized multi-nationals down to inky-dinky start-ups.

As the Beloved Leader of People’s Branding, he has worked closely with PURA on brand marketing projects, as strategic consultant and creative director.

In his career Jeff’s campaigns have been responsible for the combined generation of over $70 billion in sales (yes, billion with a “B”) of everything from the Hubble Space Telescope (Ha! Congress bought it!) to McDonald’s hamburgers. But who’s counting?

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Dave Barcos

Dave Barcos
Creative Director

Dave has a gift. He can take the strategic essence of any brand and poke you in the eye with it. Nicely of course.

Thinking big comes natural to some people, they see the world through its potential and tear down its limits. Dave is one of those people. He brings this energy and vision to all his clients, working passionately to scratch the veneer of their brand and discover the treasures that lie beneath. He continually unearths messages and creates brand expressions that people connect with.

Dave started Remedy Design Group, and has been the creator of many wildly successful campaigns and projects. Dave works collaboratively with PURA on a regular basis.

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Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott
Media Specialist

Whatever you do, don’t look into Jessica’s eyes. She’s got this secret power to persuade, you see.

We don’t know where it comes from. Maybe it’s her decade of being such a successful media sales wiz. Or her disarming honesty, often telling clients they’d do better without spending so much on advertising. Or the fact that she started off life as a bartender in Vegas (yes, a baby bartender), where she learned to read into the soft spot of people’s souls.

However she does it, she has the ability to see exactly what a client needs to jolt their marketing and help them see it, too. It’s spooky. We warned you.

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Karin Kusumakar

Karin Kusumakar
Program Director, New York Office

Karin, you see, has this hyper-attentivity. No, you probably don’t see. Don’t worry, because she will.

She has turned an uncanny attention to detail into a career, which she now lends to PURA as program director and manager of the New York office. Karin can see things about a project that would escape the jaded eyes of us lesser earth creatures.One should not be surprised that someone with an engineering degree from The Ohio State University would have this skill for meticulous operations. Who knew it could also be applied to marketing? Well, we did.

Karin applies her talents to creating and managing speaking and training programs for PURA clients. See, she uses her superporwers for good.

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