The Unbreakable Rules

The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

Things to remember: Make sure your marketing strategy includes goals. Don’t get distracted by what others are doing, keep your eyes on your goals. Always forge forward, and don’t give up.

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Don’t Confuse Facts with the Truth

Things to remember: Facts don’t always tell the truth. Don’t use facts to stretch, distort and disfigure the truth. Your best message is the truth. The whole truth.

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Marketing Starts Internally

Things to remember: Marketing has to start from within. The message needs to resonate internally before it can work its way externally. Start inside and work your way out.

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Great Marketing Isn’t Magic

Things to remember: Marketing isn’t magic. You can’t just snap your fingers and have great marketing. It takes consistency, creativity and hard work. Working hard on your marketing will pay off in the end.

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Work Hard on Your Marketing

Things to remember: Marketing requires constant effort. Everything your company does affects the impression you make. There are no short cuts to marketing. Work hard on your marketing, and it will work hard for you.

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Getting People to Love You

Things to remember: Marketing is about getting people to love you If you love first, you’re more likely to get love from others When people connect with you, they fall in love with you

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SSI Shredding Systems on TV

Case Study: SSI Shredding Systems SSI is an industrial shredder manufacturer that builds custom shredders for a wide variety of industries including recycling, waste management and a long list of specific industries that need bulk reduction. The Problem SSI had been a manufacturing company that was around for over 20 years and had been riding […]

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Love vs. Prostitution

Things to remember: The soft sell = Love (no one likes sales “shoved” down their throat) The hard sell = Prostitution (that’s what you’re doing when you’re trying to force feed your marketing down someone’s throat) Chose love over prostitution.

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: You Can’t Afford to Ease Up on Marketing

Things to remember: Don’t ease up on your marketing. Smash down on the gas in order to make it up the hill of the “bad economy”. If you ease up on your marketing, you will get passed by.

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The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: Be #1 at Whatever You Do

Things to remember: Be #1 at what you do. Because whatever it is that you do, you have to do it well. If you’re in business only for money, you should get out! Do what you’re good at. It’s the best marketing you have.

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